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Emmy Bear + FREE Water Pack

Emmy Bear + FREE Water Pack

Regular price $39.99

Abby Bear + FREE Water Pack

Abby Bear + FREE Water Pack

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Lily Bear + FREE Water Pack

Lily Bear + FREE Water Pack

Regular price $39.99

Cubbley Bear

So much more than just a teddy bear, Cubbley bear offers comfort AND hydration!

How? Each bear has a cubby inside that holds a water pack for your child to drink water or their favour drink.

Why? We all know how important it is for our kids to drink enough water.  These bears are a fun, easy way to make that happen, whether it be when they are sick, travelling in the car or just every day use.  Who doesn't love that?

Champion of Hydration

Where sippy cups fall short, Cubbley Bears are spill proof, easy to drink laying down and go everywhere you're little ones go.  Great for road trips or when the littles come down with a cold or flu.

Did you know? Cubbley Bears are naturally insulating so they will keep drinks cool longer even on hot summer days.

Parent Life Hack

No assembly required.

Easy to wash.

Goes everywhere you're little one goes.

Travelling? These are great to take on an airplane; drinking from a straw helps regulate inner-ear pressure and they double as a pillow.

Cubbley Bear


  • Mallory Buchanan - Fearless Momma of 4

    "I can’t refill our Cubbley Bear fast enough! My girls loved drinking from it so much my three year old even said - oh no, my pee is invisible! Apparently they weren’t staying very hydrated before but it’s safe to say they are now!"

  • Dr. Nichole Teering - Nutritionist -Momma of 2 Cuties

    "Perfect for when the kids get sick! But even when they are healthy they drink more water because of Cubbley bear"


How do I clean my Cubbley Bear?

Super Simple.

1.  Remove the hydration pack from the bear's cubby.

2. The Cubbley Bear is no diva, they're happy to join the rest of your laundry in the regular wash and dry cycle.

3. Hand wash the hydration pack with regular dish soap and allow to fully air dry.

Do Cubbley Bears come with a hydration pack?

 Of course, your bear will come with a custom size, BPA Free, reusable hydration pack.  Think you'll want a spare? No worries, if you purchase a spare at the same time you order your Cubbley Bear, you can do so for only $4.99 (75% OFF Regular Price)

Are Cubbley Bears just for kids?

No, these bears enjoy the company of kids, teenagers and adults alike.  Anyone in need of comfort and easy hydration will make a great friend for a Cubbley Bear.

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